Frequently Asked Questions

We have plenty of smart and talented people already. Why would we need a consultant?
I haven't encountered a team or organization yet that couldn't benefit from a fresh perspective - especially when provided by an objective, unbiased collaborator whose sole mission is to help the client achieve optimal production quality and efficiency. A good consultant is both course corrector and booster rocket.

We tried a consultant already, and it didn't help. How are you any different?
There are many so-called "consultants" in the animation industry who are essentially freelance technical directors or software developers. The scope of my professional experience provides me with the insight and ability to address efficiencies across the artistic, technical, managerial & executive levels - laterally and vertically. You'll be hard pressed to find this sort of comprehensive coverage in any other consultant.

Are you going to come in and tell us that we need to overhaul everthing?
Probably not. Most of the time, the problems that organizations face are not technologcial - even when they may appear so on the surface. Typically, it's the little things that create big problems in the aggregate: a "Death of a Thousand Cuts", if you will. My recommendations usually cost little or nothing to implement, yet deliver significant quantitative & qualitative benefits when applied faithfully - all within the context of your legacy infrastructure and your budget parameters.

How can someone who comes and goes effect real, lasting improvement?
One particularly cold winter when I was a kid, my father hired a home energy consultant. The guy came by and asked a number of questions - not directly related to “energy” as one might assume, but instead pertaining to our daily use of the home. He went through our house methodically from top to bottom, and then provided his assessment: the aggregate energy leakage from our home was comparable to leaving the front door wide open all day and night! Fortunately, the situation could be remedied through a series of simple measures that the consultant outlined for us. We addressed those items one by one on our own. A few weeks later, the new heating bill arrived: our monthly charges had been reduced by half! The savings continued throughout that winter and those to follow. A fixed investment had produced significant, ongoing returns.

What guarantee is there on the results of your work?
I guarantee that every bit of my extensive production experience and insight will be applied to the achievement of your goals, and that you will be better off for having engaged my services. Final results are obviously influenced by a variety of factors, but I address those contingencies in my work. Scores of recommendations attest to the substantive nature of what I do.

Is your client list comprehensive?
Not entirely. Some of my consulting clients prefer to remain anonymous, and I respect those requests.

How much do you cost?
My fees are based upon the value of the services provided to the client, according to the specific business objectives at hand. We reach conceptual agreement on our approach to the goals before compensation is determined, as the latter is predicated upon the former. I work with clients on a project basis, but also on retainer, depending upon preference.

That sounds like code for "a lot".
It's not, and I encourage my clients take the lead on determining appropriate compensation for the business value of my work. I am a firm believer in "same side of the table" negotiation, which puts the project first as a common objective. My services are more accurately regarded as an "investment" rather than a "cost" - especially in these challenging economic times.

What followup do you provide?
My onsite consultation engagements include free unlimited email and telephone followup for the life of your company. The work I conduct with my clients is the foundation of an ongoing relationship.

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