Kevin Geiger, President & CEO

Kevin Geiger has over 15 years of technical, artistic and organizational experience in the animation and special effects industry, including 12 years with Walt Disney Feature Animation and Cal Arts. Mr. Geiger has supervised and consulted on successful animated feature film productions with budgets of more than $100 million USD to less than $10 million USD, and is a highly-regarded expert on production pipelines and workflow efficiencies.

Kevin Geiger’s career in digital animation and effects began under the mentorship of Academy Award winner Richard Edlund, whose supervision of the original “Star Wars” film established an industry. At Edlund’s Boss Film Studios, Mr. Geiger was charged with seminal 3D CGI character work for the MGM release “Species” – the first feature film to direct a digital actor in real-time.

Shortly thereafter, Kevin Geiger joined Walt Disney Feature Animation to create articulated digital characters for the groundbreaking “Steadfast Tin Soldier” segment of “Fantasia/2000”. Mr. Geiger’s technical and artistic proficiency quickly led to his appointment as a founding member of WDFA’s Digital Visual Development Department, which saw his contributions on several confidential projects including Disney’s cutting–edge digital human initiative. The production leadership and innovation that Kevin Geiger displayed on films such as “Dinosaur” and “Reign of Fire” culminated in his role as CG Supervisor on “Chicken Little” – where his team established a comprehensive CGI pipeline from the ground up while also retraining dozens of traditional artists and setting a new bar for cartoony 3D character animation. The principles and conventions of the innovative CG pipeline that Kevin Geiger architected on "Chicken Little" are still in use today at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

After supervising character R&D and pipeline architecture on Disney’s upcoming animated feature “Rapunzel”, Mr. Geiger left Disney to pursue his independent ventures full-time. As an award-winning animation producer and the former Director & Co-founder of the non-profit Animation Co-op, Kevin Geiger is a hub of experience, information and support within the animation community. His outreach extends to academia, where Mr. Geiger was a 12-year instructor of computer graphics and digital applications at Cal Arts, and is the first foreign Guest Professor at the Animation School of the Beijing Film Academy. A prolific international lecturer, Kevin is known for his engaging and insightful presentations at conferences and institutions around the world.

Currently resident in mainland China, Kevin Geiger is the acting President & CEO of Magic Dumpling (Beijing) International Cultural Media Corporation Ltd., an original entertainment content development company. Kevin also serves as Chairman of the China Animation Business Association, and International Department Chairman of the Beijing Film Animation Association.

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