Global Network Orchestration

The global scope and complexity of today's animation industry depends more than ever upon fundamental values of trust and personal relationships: guanxi as the Chinese refer to it. This concept goes beyond mere referrals and rudimentary outsourcing to embrace short-term and long-term reciprocity within the context of cross-cultural business relationships.

Animation Options LLC maintains an extensive network of personal connections with highly-qualified and motivated artists, executives, technicians & service providers throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East. Whether you're a content creator, production studio, investor, distributor or some combination thereof, AO can situate you within an orchestrated network of "best-in-class" professionals.

Global network orchestration consists of anticipating needs, assessing capabilities, forming relationships and serving markets. Animation Options' Kevin Geiger has his ear to the ground of a changing world in which a critical mass of talented individuals, enabling technologies and flexible organizations are creating a new paradigm for animation development, production and distribution. The world is your orchestra. Let Animation Options LLC help you conduct.

With Wang Film Founder James Wang, Magic Dumpling VP of Development Wen Feng, Huayu Brothers Animation Studio President Xuebing Mao, and Lionsgate EVP of Family Entertainment Ken Katsumoto.

Exodus Film Group President Max Howard.

Jun Tang, Senior Vice President of China Affairs, The Walt Disney Company

With Jin Delong, Vice Minister of China's State Administration of Radio, Film & Television, Hollywood screenwriter and "Save the Cat" author Blake Snyder, and Beijing Film Academy Animation School Dean Sun Lijun.

The crew of Left/Right Animation Studio, Beijing.

With Vance Yang (front) and the team at SOFA Studio, Taipei.

Pioneering computer animation artist & author, Isaac Kerlow.

Hosting a panel with computer graphics researcher/specialist Paul Debevec, Gladstone Film President Frank Gladstone and Aardman Animations Co-founder David Sproxton.

Rhythm & Hues India Director of Operations Saraswathi Balgam and Managing Director Prashant Buyyala.

Academy Award Nominee and "Kung Fu Panda" Co-director Mark Osborne.

FMX Co-founders Thomas and Renate Haegele.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Conference Chair and Pixar guru Tony Apodaca.

With former Disney colleagues, Visual Effects Supervisors Kyle Odermatt and John Murrah.

My mentor: pioneering VFX legend Richard Edlund.

Animation World Network Founder Ron Diamond.

An autographed bottle of moutai from the Zhengzhou Regional Party Secretary.

Chairing the Zhengzhou Animation Project Promotion signing.

Young animation fans at the production premiere ceremony of the original animated TV series "Young Sima Guan" in Guangshan, China.

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