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"Kevin, I just wanted to thank you once again for the What's Your Story? session you did for the student interns at SIGGRAPH Asia in Yokohama. I know you really had to compress it down to fit the time, but it all worked out really really well. This was the first time we had such talks for SIGGRAPH Asia, so I didn't know what to expect, but the way your session went was exactly as I had hoped things would go. You really rocked it. It was fun, entertaining and informative (for me as well)." - Lou Harrison, Committee Chair, ACM SIGGRAPH Student Services

"Kevin is a very dynamic and intelligent animation professional, but that doesn't begin to tell the story of what his talents bring to the table. He has also seen the business from both sides of the fence (as a production artist and as an executive), so he brings a unique perspective. But still that's not all. Not only does he know how to get the job done, but he has a knack for helping others see how they can do their own jobs better by inspiring them to solidify their goals, focus their intent, and find joy in the journey. His enthusiasm and approach is infectious, and he helps bring out the best in others." - T. Dan Hofstedt, Owner, T. Dan Hofstedt Animation

"Kevin made huge contributions to creating the CG production pipeline at Walt Disney Feature Animation. He is a high-energy leader who can define and communicate his strategic vision, and then is willing to roll up his sleeves to help make it happen. His passion for high quality art and animation infects his teams as well as supporting groups. No matter how much pressure the production is under, Kevin is always a pleasure to work with." - Jack Brooks, Advanced Technology VP, Thomson/Technicolor

"Kevin was a key member of our new digital endeavors at Boss Film." - Richard Edlund, Visual Effects Pioneer

"I had the fortune to meet Kevin Geiger while we were both on a consulting cycle for a feature production studio abroad. Right from his first presentation I was impressed and remained fascinated by Kevin's ability as a speaker. His proficient communication skills, an incredibly amiable personality and his talent in covering the most complex production topics in the most approachable way, were a clear indication of his sound experience in both advanced production cycles and senior management roles, as well as of his personal artistic and technical skills. I would strongly recommend Kevin's services to anyone in need of key consulting and/or senior production services in the feature business." - Daniele Tosti, Pipeline Consultant

"I have come to appreciate Kevin Geiger as one of the leading experts on the production and distribution of animated films. This is true of large-scale productions, but also of smaller productions with more difficult markets and leaner margins. Kevin understands the implications that technological developments carry, not just within a film's production pipeline, but in the exploitation and marketing as well." - David Maas, Creative Consultant, Filmakademie BW

"Kevin is one of the most sought-after experts in animation. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, but he's great to work with. I have yet to speak with anyone who does not have fantastic things to say about Kevin. On top of that, he freely gave of his time to support the animation industry by running The Animation Co-op. Few people are as dedicated to the animation industry as Kevin." - Mark Simon, President, Animation & Storyboards, Inc.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin, when he was kind enough to come to Animation Lab to advise us on how to set up the most efficient pipeline for our current CG feature. His frank appraisal and excellent recommendations have been invaluable to us and are proving instrumental in building the pipeline. We are very grateful to Kevin for sharing his expertise with us and feel privileged to have enjoyed his company." - Christine Strobel, Production Manager, Animation Lab

"Kevin's contribution to Animation Lab truly made a difference in our setup for the project The Wild Bunch." - Matteo Shapira, CG Supervisor, Animation Lab

"Aside from the fact that Kevin is one of the leading voices in animation and visual effects worldwide and has worked with the most prestigious companies in the field, he is an extraordinarily nice and generous human being as well." - Dory Benami, Film Production & Distribution Executive

"Kevin is an outstanding digital artist and supervisor. I had the great pleasure of working alongside Kevin for 2 years during which time the wealth of knowledge and experience he always brings to the table never ceased to amaze me. Kevin is fully conversant with all aspects of animation filmmaking (both 2D and 3D, both feature-length and short subject), and in particular possesses a world-class expertise in the areas of character animation, rigging, and dynamics. Kevin is remarkably articulate and organized and has a true sense of humor. He is truly inspirational to work with and I can't recommend him highly enough." - David Hermanson, Technical Supervisor, Walt Disney Feature Animation

"Kevin is one of the most talented people I had the pleasure to work with as President of Walt Disney Feature Animation. He is brilliant, passionate, provocative and deeply respected by his colleagues. He is a phenomenal leader, loves to challenge the conventional wisdom, and at the same time is the consummate team player. His leadership enabled us to make the transformation from 2D to 3D animation at Disney successful beyond our greatest hopes, under unbelievable pressure, both inside and outside the company." - David Stainton, CEO, Henry's World Media

"I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Geiger at Cal Arts for a number of years. He proved to be one of our most dedicated and effective faculty members. He communicates his wide-ranging knowledge and comprehensive overview of the field with a focused passion and attention to critical detail. Kevin's deep insight into human nature and the complexities of the creative process adds an essential dimension to his teaching. Students find his easygoing yet energetic presentation style, coupled with his patient and generous approach to problem solving, empowering. Kevin has also played a pivotal role in shaping our curriculum to meet the evolving needs of today's students." - Michael Scroggins, Director, Computer Animation Labs, Cal Arts

"I have known Kevin for years, and he is a person who has a drive for his life. He always works and improves. He doesn't just execute a job - he is a professional. I watched Kevin interacting with students and saw that he is a great teacher. He gives the students what is important - the knowledge - and he can show the skills, but he is also able to initiate a flame." - Jurgen Faust, Professor & Chief Academic Officer, Instituto Europeo di Design

"Kevin has a proven ability to articulate non-trivial ideas and projects into attainable and workable solutions. His deep understanding of the production process makes him a prime liaison between the worlds of Art/Production and Technology. He is also very focused and never hesitates to put discussions and projects back on track. Simply put, he is a motivated and nice person to work with." - Alexandre Torija-Paris, Senior Graphics Software Engineer, Disney Feature Animation

"Kevin has the very rare gift of being able to create something special from a single idea. His dedication, deep knowledge of the animation field and consummate people skills make him a real leader in the industry." - Mike Blum, Owner, Pipsqueak Films

"Kevin has unsurpassed energy and passion for his work. His intelligence is evident in how he approaches his work and in his questioning nature. Kevin's willingness to share his knowledge, and his ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, make him an excellent teacher and mentor." - Lisa Poole, Producer, Duncan Studio

"Kevin is a masterful animator, digital film producer, crew leader and animation instructor. His creative imagination is a huge asset to any project." - Stewart Dickson, Visualization Research Programmer, Beckman Institute

"Kevin is a very organized and charismatic supervisor. I enjoyed working with Kevin on Chicken Little, and would add that as a CG supervisor Kevin did an outstanding job. I was able to learn from him and grow as a result in my own leadership skills. Kevin is thorough at his job, and incredibly articulate. He leads by letting those beneath him breathe and giving them space when necessary. He also knows when and how to step in, without stepping on anyone's toes. I am happy to know Kevin and to have worked with him." - Ramiro Gomez, Rigging Supervisor, Laika Entertainment

"I worked for Kevin on Chicken Little and was very impressed at how organized he was in planning the modeling, rigging, production pipeline and training courses for our team. He was able to see in advance the many components that would be needed to make the pipeline for our movie work. Kevin is a very gifted speaker and is able to convey technical computer graphics concepts in a way that is entertaining, educational and insightful." - John Yoon, Character TD, Walt Disney Feature Animation

"Kevin Geiger is one of the best bosses I have ever had. He is organized, thorough and a great communicator. He embraces and understands what a team needs to function well, thereby getting the best results from his teams. His attitude facilitates positive growth, innovation, education and strength in his team members. He is one of those rare individuals who balances and carries an artistic eye, an open mind, technical understanding, along with business 'street-smarts'. There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin will enhance any animation facility that is lucky enough to have him. Many members of our character technical director team on Chicken Little often describe our experiences with Kevin as the best we've had in the industry." - Kim Lorang Phillips, Character TD, Sony Imageworks

"Kevin was a fantastic supervisor with vision, dedication, and enthusiasm for the art of animation. He led the charge to develop the first really comprehensive training program at Disney Animation that thoroughly ramped up his crew from hand-drawn to a completely digital process. Kevin was very organized and created a clear plan that documented exactly how each of his departments could make the transition. He championed an artist-friendly process for creating truly cartoony characters in CG, and was a real pleasure to work with." - Walt Sturrock, Training Manager, Walt Disney Feature Animation

"Kevin is an intelligent, articulate, creative, talented and empathic CGI arts instructor who goes above and beyond the call of duty to help his students accomplish their creative goals. Kevin was invaluable to my arts education. His dedication to his job and the students went well beyond the three hours of allotted class time per week. His interest and excitement are genuine, which allows him to transform normally "dry & dull" subject matter into a fun and engaging educational experience. Kevin has an uncanny ability to explain complicated technical subject matter to even the most non-technical intuitive student in methods they are capable of understanding. He has the mind of technician and the soul of an artist. His enthusiasm for teaching both technology and the arts is so contagious that these two seemingly incompatible areas flow together effectively and seamlessly. Kevin can effortlessly discuss with authority a variety of subjects such as animation, current technology, past & current creative techniques, film, the fine arts, production pipelines, business and creative survival. He is forward-thinking, direct and treats his students with the respect they deserve. I can not say enough good things about this man." - Jim Ellis, CGI Animation Instructor, Cal Arts

"Kevin is intelligent and talented. He's a balanced personality, and tries to see issues from various points of view. I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin." - Von Johnson, Owner, Von Johnson & Associates

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